A unique product for professional sound dubbers, mixers and editors and producers working in the film, broadcast and media industries.

ToolBox enhances the existing production - library music concept by offering several different versions of one piece of music in different keys and tempos - greater flexibility is now possible with separate endings, solo instruments and backing tracks.

REGISTERED WITH MCPS (UK) AS MUSIC PRODUCTION PUBLISHERS FOR FILM, BROADCAST AND NEW MEDIA. In keeping with the standard production music practice, products are free of charge to those who have signed the MCPS Code of Conduct.

Jazz CD (GMUSIC002)
Double Bass, Drums, Piano, Saxaphone

Ensemble CD (GMUSIC003 and 004)
Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Clarinet, Saxaphone

Orchestral CD (GMUSIC005)
String Sections, Horns, Piano

Sax & Guitar CD (GMUSIC006)
Bass, Drums, Guitar, Synths, Piano, Saxaphone

Each track within its genre is presented virtually open-ended to allow easy looping so that a piece of music can be created for any length required.

Infinite variations are also possible due to the separation of backing tracks and solo instruments which allows fading up and down independently of each other.

ToolBox tracks have also been recorded and mixed bearing in mind the upper sound frequencies of any previously recorded dialogue. All the tracks have minimal "audio effect processing" - particularly with reverbs and echo.

Producers and sound engineers will find ToolBox invaluable for addressing conflicts between music, dialogue and sound effects and it also cuts down on wasted production time by offering flexible options. ToolBox can be used in its own right, or to subtly enhance pre-selected music by closing any gaps without interfering with the original audio from source tapes.

Virtually all tracks are arranged open-ended with a short tail reverb to allow easy looping back to your chosen start. This gives the sound engineer the potential to create any length required for the production.

Change the EQ to make it mellow or brighter in the mix. All tracks in the above ToolBox genre tracks are recorded and mixed with minimal audio effects. Add your own reverb settings on solo instruments to suit the ambience needed for your production.
The different choices of key and tempo can also enable you to match the mood or segue much easier with any existing music.