"ACTION" TO "ROMANCE" - with separate mixable tracks.

Virtually all of the tracks in this set of Movie Theme re-creations have separate melody lines, percussion tracks, loop points and endings for you to compile your own arrangement to picture (ideal for promos!) - and in any length you choose.

Below are two examples from the Movie Inspiration titles currently available.

Entitled "Castaway", this is a tribute to the sensitive score from the popular movie "THE PIANO" and features piano and orchestra.

This orchestral music track is called "Attack" and sounds very similar to the menacing and dynamic soundtrack to the film "JAWS" with interplay between strings and brass.

Please note that these tracks are not copies of the original film soundtrack - they are sound-a-likes only

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This is the first set in the MOVIE INSPIRATION series and includes "sound-a-likes" to the movie scores from "DINOSAUR", "THE FIRM", "ANTZ" and "JEAN DE FLORETTE" - plus other themes such as "OUT OF AFRICA", "HALLOWEEN", the BOND theme and "CHARIOTS OF FIRE.